December 2010

Imagistic's Social Media Institute sponsored the "Grow Your Understanding Of Social Media" workshop for the Southern California AMA on November 13th.

The workshop took place at the CrownPeak Technology offices in Culver City, and comprised a four-hour session featuring the following agenda:

There is more to social media than just a pretty Facebook. Online communications is of much greater complexity that just Twittering away all day. Web video has evolved beyond the time when web surfers just sat mindlessly in front of the YouTube.

Want a deeper understanding of social media? Join your fellow marketers at this special event hosted by the SoCal AMA and the Social Web Institute ( It will be a fun, interactive, and informative workshop on setting your social web governance strategy. This half-day event on Saturday, November 13 will offer knowledge, networking…and plenty of food too!

To expand your online proficiency, you need to get beyond the buzz and into the reality of social media marketing. Leading companies are far past the experimental phase and have intricate understand of how to best integrate social media platforms into effective business operations. To get to that next strategic level, you need learn how to set your company's social media intentions so that your marketing and PR initiatives are working in a synergistic manner to achieve excellent results.

At the workshop, discover:

* The “REAL” world of social media governance. Hear how companies have both stumbled and succeeded in social media.
* Interactive exercises that help you understand how important it is to get to the heart of what your brand stands for. You can take these exercises with you to get your colleagues on the same page.
* Develop your social web intentions, including how to set and transform a formal set of workflows and approvals into covenants that all of your employees who are participating in social media can agree on.

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