September 2011

Imagistic has been hired to maintain Snakkle's web site ( and to perform a detailed network architecture analysis with the intention of improving its performance under exceptionally high traffic conditions.

Working with's president Rich Battista (former TV Guide CEO & FOX Networks president), Imagistic is very busy maintaining Snakkle's web site which was built in the WordPress CMS. Originally developed by New York's Soapbxx, Imagistic is now extending the site to add streaming video, additional SEO strategies and extensive content syndication.

Additionally, Imagistic is reviewing the existing network setup, and preparing a set of recommendations for a high availability network architecture. "'s servers need to be set up to support the incredible spikes in traffic they receive when they are featured on the Yahoo! or Huffington Post home pages," explained Imagistic President Kevin Howard Goldberg.

Snakkle is a pop culture, multi-media venture focused on addictive content that explores the phenomenon of fame before and after a person achieves stardom. With as its foundation, Snakkle celebrates the most iconic movies, TV shows, music and news events, offering its users a fresh, inside look at the early years of today’s top personalities and keeps users connected to the stars who have defined pop culture. What were they like before fame happened? How did their past influence their present? Where did fame take them? What are they doing now? is a positive, topical, informative and, dare we say, deliciously irresistible website. With original reporting and curated content, Snakkle provides the kind of stories, photos, videos and exclusive interviews that spark “liking”, sharing, tweeting, commenting, re-blogging and posting. Our content can also be found on third party sites across the web. Snakkle is also developing content beyond the web, including for television and other media platforms. Snakkle is a way to find out something new and unexpected about the celebrities you love every day. Learn more at:

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